Welcome to Synergy SM online

Synergy SM Ltd. is an Irish based Sales and Marketing company operating in the Pharmacy (OTC), Hospital and Retail arenas in both the Irish and EU markets.

Featured above are some of the products that we currently offer:

  • Suction Toothbrushes (Provide excellent efficient  patient oral care)
  • Dentip Treated Swabs (long-handled with serrated edges)
  • Oral Care Pack (Alcohol-free mouthwash, x2 Dentip Treated Swabs and mouth moisturising gel).
  • Shampoo Caps (No water needed, rinse-free, scented with conditioner, easy to use).
  • *Nuphar Oral Care Strips (dissolvable strips for bad breath control (dual-action – antibacterial and fresh breadth sensation).

NOTE: All the above products are available directly for sale from Synergy SM, except *Nuphar oral strips which is currently available in Ireland and the UK through our Wholesaler.

If you are a potential Customer, Pharmacist or Retailer and want to be contacted via email or post with information on our forthcoming products please follow the link: