Fresh Breath Strips

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Nuphar’s Dual-Action Breath Strips are specially formulated to offer an instant 
Fresh Breath experience coupled with Anti-bacterial action to help fight
odour-causing bacteria.


Image of a packet containing 24 freshmint antibacterial sugar free Fresh Breath strips

Nuphar’s Fresh Breath strips are easy to use. Simply place the thin strip on the 
tongue where it will dissolve instantly in the mouth, without the need for chewing.


This fresh breath experience is also Sugar Free!






Shelf-Ready Display Unit

A pack contains 24 strips. They are also recommended by the Lipotrim programme.


A shelf-ready box containing 12 packets of Fresh Breath strips suitable for displaying on a store shelf.

Product information

nuPhar Breath Fresh Strips come in a 12-card (24 dissolvable strips per card) counter / shelf display containing 12 cards (see opposite).